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I'm a graphic designer.


Take a look at my portfolio & judge me. 


Salt Beer Factory - Designing merchandise for their flagship beer Alpaca DDH.

Client: Salt Beer Factory

Role: Illustrator

Year: 2020

Salt Beer Factory is a craft beer tap room based in the north Yorkshire town of Saltaire. (A town once famous for its production of alpaca wool.) The beer factory has taken this work ethic and are creating some of the finest craft beers on the market. With their flagship beer 'alpaca DDH' leading the way they needed merchandise to tie back to the leading beer.


Cabin Escapes - Luxury cabins based in the North East of England.

Client: Cabin Escapes

Role: Brand Design

Year: 2020

Cabin Escapes is the getaways of all getaways and they needed a brand to mirror this. The brief was clear create a brand that is easily identifiable as an outdoor retreat brand, that needed to include nature and natural colours that are seen within nature itself. The outcome is a brand that has gone from strength to strength even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jodie & Food - Private chef for hire for big occasions & small.

Client: Jodie & Food

Role: Brand Design/Illustration

Year: 2018

Jodie & Food specialises in bespoke catering for a variety of events, also loves pineapples. She wanted this to be shown in the branding along with a distinctive and bold font that captures the playful nature of Jodie and the amazing food she creates.


Colliery Inn - Modern take on the working mans club within a mining village.

Client: Colliery Inn

Role: Brand Design/Illustration

Year: 2019

Colliery Inn is based in a South Wales valleys minors institute. So when asked to come up with the branding for them it was a no brainer to capture the hardy mining culture, once the bedrock of life throughout the valley. Sadly this project never went ahead but it was very cool to be involved with.


British Sign Language - Visual language is used everyday. Yes there's rude words.